It’s kinda hard to cruise round Philly without singing the Fresh Prince theme tune. It’s ingrained, OK? But besides Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff, the city’s nurtured a fantastically diverse and exciting set of artists—even though Philly natives Santigold and Schoolly D both agree—it’s a pretty conservative city.

Apart from talking extensively with Santi and Schoolly, in the ninth episode of Made in America, Made In Philadelphia, they catch up with RJD2 and DJ Diamond Kuts, trace the influence of the Hollertronix party scene—as started by Diplo and DJ Low Budget—while strolling the streets with Spank Rock and Amanda Blank (and a really mangy stray cat). Plus rising producer (and encyclopedic Philly music fan) Noah Breakfast gives us a glimpse into what it was like to really grow up on the Philly streets, trying to break into parties as an underage kid, face pressed up against the glass.

Drew Pierce

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