Between 2009-11, Kreayshawn exchanged emails with “Diplo” after getting one of her videos posted on the Mad Decent blog. However, their conversation soon ventured away from music after he began sending her dick pics and begging her for a sex tape. Hilariously enough, the imposter also sent her a number of encouraging messages which, as Kreay explains, was “the driving point” for her to pursue her rap career. Basically, a troll made “Gucci, Gucci” happen.

Kreayshawn eventually DM’d Diplo asking him about the nude pics, which he obviously denied. It was only when he explained that he had a tattoo around his aforementioned area, as well as a different email to the one she was in contact with, that Kreayshawn realized she was getting played.

[via missinfo]



Drew Pierce

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