January’s Holy Ship!!! Cruise featured a bevy of today’s hottest beatmakers, including Diplo, Pharrell, and Skrillex, where they spent several days playing to dance-crazed partygoers on the high seas. And along with the announced line-up, Tiësto flew down on his own dime and made a surprise appearance. In the video above, watch the Dutch DJ coyly creep around cabins and lay low until he enters a packed club – the EDM fans go nuts as he blasts the crowd with an unexpected set. The video continues to follow Tiësto as he hangs with the DJ elite, organizes a conga-line around the ship’s decks and signs the buttocks of an eager fan.

Having experimented with different DJ formats in the past, including six-hour sets and stadium shows, Tiësto’s ambush came from nothing more than a desire to rock out at sea. “I’m friends with a lot of DJs who’ve played Holy Ship!!! before and they told me how awesome an experience it is,” he told Rolling Stone. “I wanted to play in the past but couldn’t make it work with my schedule. This year, I flew down on my own and surprised everyone on board. It was a wild time as you can see from the video!”

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