Watch this video recap of Camp Spin Off 2013. DMS was one of the sponsors this year, check out the pics HERE. Camp Spin-Off is where DJ’s go to play. If you’re an aspiring DJ between the ages of 13 and 17, this is where you can turn your curiosities and dreams of learning to DJ into reality during an action packed week at summer camp!


“There’s no better way to wrap up the summer than another awesome year at Camp Spin Off! I don’t want to get started on all my camp stories because there are too many to include in this email. See what our unforgettable week was like by watching this camp video. The campers produced some really great remixes in their classes and you can download them HERE. I know I’ll be using some of them in the club. Photos are also up on the camp FACEBOOK to check out. We had such an amazing group of kids this year!”

For more information about CAMP SPIN-OFF click the links below:





Drew Pierce

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