In this video interview, DJ Muggs talks about his production process, evolution and philosophy. He discusses his early beginnings as the primary producer and DJ for the influential hip hop group Cypress Hill, composing and recording within severe technical limitations: early Cypress Hill records were produced only using turntables and a cassette deck before the group later graduated to programming beats and samples with an E-mu SP-1200 and recording to 4-track cassette recorder. He talks about working with a diverse list of artists over the years, ranging from The RZA and Dr. Dre to Sonic Youth and Pearl Jam, and what he learned from those collaborations.

Over the course of the interview he also touches on his own hesitation to transition from analog to digital music production technology to digital, the importance of education, constantly learning, refining, and challenging yourself as a producer or DJ, and immersing himself in the works of a wide array of artists (ranging from The Beatles to Salvador Dali), learning from the past while embracing the future.

Drew Pierce

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