“As anybody who has ever tried to listen to the Misfits on YouTube knows, the ubiquitous commenter debate over whether Glenn Danzig or Michael Graves was the better frontman (sorry, Jerry Only!) is dominated by scarily overzealous Danzig fans who seem like the kind of people who would sob uncontrollably and stomp their feet if you called Danzig a pussy to their faces. Naturally, a few years ago when those same fans witnessed their idol being floored, they took to forums and comment boxes to call the puncher, Danny Marianinho, and his band, North Side Kings, fags and fabricate scenarios where their hero somehow comes out on top, like an invincible, metal antichrist, rather than a diva who’s probably had a slap coming his way for a while.

Meanwhile, Danzig himself claimed that he didn’t punch Marianinho back because there was a camera rolling and he didn’t want a million-dollar lawsuit on his hands, as opposed to the fact he was knocked out cold on the floor.” Read the interview HERE

[via vice.com]


Danzig – Mother (BAKDRAFT ReDrum)

Drew Pierce

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