‘Barack Obama’s got 99 problems, but Mitt Romney’s not one — at least according to a YouTube remix that puts footage of the president and his Republican competitor over Jay-Z’s “99 Problems.”

The video doesn’t merely parrot Jay-Z’s verses, incorporating rewritten lyrics that criticize Romney as well as aspects of Obama’s own presidency. “You’ll need a warrant for that,” the video has Obama say in a section about his much-discussed birth certificate, a joke on Jay’s original rhymes about getting pulled over by a cop.

The video went viral after its Friday release. Obama hasn’t responded to the video, though he’s a known Jay-Z fan, making a video appearance at Hova’s Made in America Festival and joining the MC and Beyonce for a fundraising dinner the hip-hop couple hosted at the 40/40 Club on Sept. 18. However, don’t look for Jay to set his sights on public office any time soon.

“I’m not really into politics,” he told MTV News this week. “I support Barack because I gotta respect that sort of vision. I gotta respect a man who is the first black President ever.”‘

[via BB]

Drew Pierce

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