“The crowd was really insane,” Zedd said of the Lollapalooza crowd, which he rocked on Friday (Aug. 3) The 22-year-old then mentioned how fortunate he’d been to rehearse for the performance by playing to packed crowds with the “Born This Way” singer.

“I played tours with Deadmau5 and Skrillex before, but that was a different thing, not just because obviously Gaga plays in stadiums in front of fifty, sixty thousand people, but those sixty thousand people have never heard my name,” the DJ mentioned. “So that was a big challenge.

“I made some remixes for Gaga, so some diehard fans will know who I am, but you’re playing in front of a packed stadium and they have never heard ‘Levels,'” Zedd said with a laugh, noting that festival crowds in the U.S. seem to flock to the dance stages in droves.

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Zedd ft Matthew Koma – Spectrum (Drew Pierce “Frankenstein” Edit)

Drew Pierce

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