Nile Rodgers has said the new material he has worked on with Daft Punk is as good as anything he’s ever done.

Speaking exclusively to Mixmag after his set at Camp Bestival, Rodgers said: “All I can say is those guys are geniuses and to think that after all these years we’ve been trying to get together, they just show up at my apartment in New York City and the vibe between us is so powerful and so strong – it’s unbelievable.”

He then went on to say: “Spiritually and artistically working with them was as good as anything I’ve ever done. It’s as great as being in a studio with Bowie, it’s great as being with Bernard Edwards, and it’s as great as the best stuff I’ve ever done with Duran or Madonna.”

We reported earlier in the year that Rodgers was working with the duo and last month there were hints that a new single would emerge soon.

Rodgers finished up with a statement that can only be described as a bold claim, saying: “It’s going to be so cutting edge that people aren’t going to expect what they’re doing.”

[via mixmag]



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