“I’m using a lot more live instrumentation for this album,” says the 23-year-old singer, who provided the hook of Far*East Movement’s Hot 100 chart-topper “Like a G6” and scored a hit of her own with the single “In The Dark.” “I had such a great time making a very electronic-based album for the first one, but you know, I’m just moving to different things, different sounds, so we’ll see.”

Following her Lollapalooza set, Dev headed back to the studio in Los Angeles to continue working on her second album, which she revealed she’s been “writing a ton” for. Before that, however, Dev discussed some of her favorite collaborators, including Timbaland and David Guetta, as well as some of the famous musicians on her wish list, like Yeah Yeah Yeahs frontwoman Karen O.

Dev also shared her adoration for Def Jam rapper 2 Chainz, whom she says “blessed” her with a remix of her track “In My Trunk.” “I love when he says, ‘And me and you could have another baby!'” the singer said while cracking up.

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Dev ft 2 Chainz – In My Trunk (CLEAN- Kutt Edit)

Drew Pierce

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