“The members of Foster The People are killed within the first five seconds of their “Houdini” visual, as rigging from the set of their latest music video falls and crushes the poor gents. But a dark and mysterious music boss calls upon a special team to move the band’s corpses around like puppets long enough to finish the shoot. There’s just one other problem — FTP also have a concert scheduled at the El Rey in Los Angeles. However, as we see, where there’s a will — or at least a shadowy group of creepy dudes in body suits — there’s a way!

The trio are eventually reconstructed as androids, who stage the concert and pull it off without a hitch. Foster The People’s management team celebrate backstage, as we catch a glimpse of confetti raining down on the real band members (who, remember are dead) on a couch.

The “Houdini” video plays like a clever, yet not-so-subtle commentary on the music business itself. Are Mark Foster and his musical cohorts fed up with the trappings of being major label artists so soon?

We will note that the band’s synchronized dancing, obviously done tongue-in-cheek and ironically, is pretty hysterical to watch.”

[via idolator]


Foster The People – Houdini (RAC Rmx) (Menegaux Edit)

Foster The People – Houdini (Menegaux Edit)

Drew Pierce

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