Happy Birthday to one of the greatest DJs ever Adam “DJ AM” Goldstein he is definitely missed. Check out this tribute video that VJ Chris Landry made of DJ AM’s Elton 4 mix. Also be sure to listen and download some of DJ AM’s other mixes HERE




“I believe DJ AM to be the greatest DJ of all time and I’ve been around all the greats. The Elton series of mixtapes, there are 5 of them, help to showcase why he is the greatest: bold selections, incredible cuts, flawless mixing, amazing creativity and more. There is nobody that can name all of these songs on this mix.(Track listing below) Some are well known, others hidden gems that AM gave light to here.Listen closely to the transitions. Besides nasty cuts there are subtle loops that go for a long time and other small touches that really make the mix. Touches like 50 min in when he plays New Order the next 4 songs are all 16th notes on the high hat. Listen for the subtleties.


I believe these mixes to be live in one take and not a work of ableton. I am also told that Am made these mixes as a collection of his favorite songs to listen to while driving around. Thus the vibe is very different from a club set.


I hope this video mixtape will compliment and help shine a light not only on AMs incredible skills and legacy but also to the artists on this mix that have not received proper shine.


Dubset asked me to do this video mix for a party in LA where they were doing an AM tribute. I was given 5 days to complete it. I have listened to all the Elton mixes countless times and still discover subtle facets of AM’s genius. I hope you will appreciate the added video element to this masterpiece of a mix and if you do please share it.”


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Drew Pierce

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